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May 21, 2024 - Press Review

In the fast-paced world of luxury fashion for women, there are figures who not only create trends but embody stories of determination, passion, and resilience. Barbara Rizzi is one such figure. Founder of the eponymous brand 100% Made in Italy, Barbara has transformed a childhood dream into a recognized reality, capturing the hearts of many modern and independent women.

Deep Roots in Italian Entrepreneurship

Barbara Rizzi's story is intertwined with that of her family, which has always played a crucial role in her personal and professional development. Growing up in an environment where work and industry were central, Barbara learned the values of hard work and determination from an early age. Her father, a successful entrepreneur in the air management sector, founded Rivair, a company that has established itself in the Italian and international markets.
Despite societal expectations for a male heir to carry on the family legacy, Barbara displayed a fervent passion for fashion from a young age. Under the guidance of her grandmothers, she learned the arts of sewing, embroidery, and knitting, designing and creating unique garments for every special occasion.

The Journey to Success

The path to success was not without obstacles. After attending the Carlo Secoli school in Milan, Barbara worked as a supervisor for AirOne, acquiring valuable management skills. However, the tragic passing of her father in 2006 marked a decisive turning point in her life. With great courage and determination, Barbara took the reins of Rivair, challenging skeptics and establishing herself in a predominantly male world. Under her leadership, RIVAIR thrived, expanding and becoming one of the leading companies in the air compressor sector. However, Barbara's dream of becoming a luxury fashion designer never faded.

The Birth of BR Atelier: A Dream Realized

In 2021, Barbara finally opened the drawer of dreams by founding BR Atelier. This high fashion brand, although born in an industrial context, carries the essence of its creator: passion, determination, and a clear vision. The logo itself, depicting an impeller, symbolizes the union between Barbara's two entrepreneurial souls.

Collections that Celebrate Female Strength

Barbara Rizzi's creations, from their first appearance in 2022, pay tribute to the modern woman: strong, bold, and sophisticated. The jackets with shoulder pads, reminiscent of a military style, represent the daily battle women face to assert themselves. The symbols of the peacock and the tiger, which adorn many of her creations, respectively celebrate beauty and inner strength.
Through her brand, Barbara Rizzi not only offers clothes but true armour for every woman who wants to face the world with grit and style. Her story is a powerful message of empowerment and self-esteem, reminding all women that true strength comes from within, but that a garment can be the faithful companion of every battle.

Luxury Fashion for Modern Women

Barbara Rizzi's collections cater to those seeking unique pieces in the world of luxury women's fashion, with artisanal details and a strong focus on material quality. Each piece is designed to enhance the personality and strength of the woman wearing it, making it perfect for those who want to stand out and assert their individuality.
In a world where fashion often gets lost in superficiality and appearance, Barbara Rizzi reminds us that behind every garment, there is a story, a passion, and a determination that deserve to be celebrated. And with each collection, Barbara continues to weave the thread of her dream, inviting all women to wear not only clothes but also their strength and courage.

Luxury Clothing Made in Italy

The creations of BR Atelier represent the best of Italian luxury in women's fashion, with designs that combine tradition and innovation. Each collection is a celebration of Italian craftsmanship, uncompromising quality, and timeless elegance. With Barbara Rizzi at the helm, the future of luxury fashion looks bright and promising, always serving women who want to feel strong, beautiful, and invincible.

Recognized by Forbes Italia

Barbara Rizzi's remarkable journey and her impact on the high fashion sector have not gone unnoticed. Forbes Italia has highlighted her activity as a standout in the world of luxury women's fashion, recognizing the blend of entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision that defines her brand. This acknowledgment by a renowned authority underscores the significant role Barbara Rizzi plays in shaping the future of fashion, inspiring women to embrace their inner strength and elegance through her meticulously crafted designs.

Here is the full article from Forbes Italia.

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