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March 26, 2024 - Press Review

In the world of fashion, where trends come and go, there are certain collections that stand out not just for their aesthetic appeal, but for the stories they tell and the values they embody. One such collection is Barbara Rizzi’s Kokeshi collection, a celebration of feminine strength, elegance, and sensuality. With a unique blend of sartorial expertise and versatility, the label epitomizes a new era of contemporary luxury.

5stars Elite Magazine, in reviewing the event dedicated to the collection organized by our atelier during Milan Fashion Week, uses these words:

“In a world where luck plays a fundamental role in our lives, this collection embraces the idea of attracting positivity and prosperity through the elegance and style of its garments.”

And it is precisely this aim that our new collection sets out to achieve: to dress up women using their own light, amplifying it and making it shine through a kaleidoscope of colours and shades capable of evoking the positive energy they need to fight their daily battles.

The collection comprises a range of garments including dresses, outerwear, skirts, and trousers, crafted from exquisite and luxurious fabrics, enriched with handcrafted stone embroidery or 3D effects. The protagonists of the collection are unquestionably brocade and silk, with the latter presented in various incarnations such as lurex organza, cady, tulle, and crepe de chine. The colours are vibrant and decisive, expressed in a multitude of shades including gold, emerald green, navy blue, wisteria, and rust.

Adding depth and dimension to the collection are the signature BR accessories: leather belts with gold brass hooks, silk crepe de chine scarves, and intricately knitted collars with gold brass clasps.

"Why Kokeshi?" It's a question that resonates deeply with the essence of the collection. The Kokeshi talisman, a fortunate doll steeped in symbolism, embodies the pursuit of kindness during pivotal moments and in the sartorial selections made for special occasions. Drawing profound inspiration from the cultural tapestry of the Far East, the collection is a testament to this ethos.

Imagine immersing yourself in the vibrant hues and intricate patterns of traditional kimonos, each thread tells a story of Japan's enchanting landscapes and serene gardens. The colours—rich reds, deep blues, verdant greens, and shimmering silvers—transport you on a sensory journey through these captivating realms. Amidst this kaleidoscope of colours, tones like ivory white and charcoal black add an air of mystery and elegance, reminiscent of the quiet sophistication found in Japanese aesthetics.

But this collection is more than a homage to tradition, it's a reimagining, a fusion of old and new. Vibrant colours and elaborate patterns from traditional kimonos are reborn in a modern palette, capturing the essence of Oriental fashion with a breath of innovation and vitality. It's a celebration of cultural heritage woven seamlessly into contemporary design, each piece a testament to the enduring allure and timeless beauty of the East.

At its core, the Barbara Rizzi collection surpasses the realm of mere clothing; it encapsulates a philosophy, a tribute to femininity, resilience, and cultural richness. With its meticulous artistry and deliberate curation, it transcends the physical form, serving not just to dress the body but to elevate the soul. In doing so, it serves as a poignant reflection of women's innate strength and grace, resonating with individuals worldwide.

In an ever-evolving landscape of fashion, collections such as Barbara Rizzi's stand as timeless beacons, reminding us of the enduring magnetism of femininity and the boundless opportunities it presents. Each piece tells a story of empowerment and self-expression, embracing diversity and individuality with every stitch. It's a celebration of womanhood in all its forms, a testament to the transformative power of style and design.

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