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The strength of femininity, your warrior armor.

The new BR collection of 2023 is named Gengis khan that is how my father used to call me

I was a little girl when every single day coming back home from work he pinched my lips saying "hey Gengis khan"

On my little girl book he wrote that where I pass grass will no longer grow. Gengis khan was one of the greatest emperor of one of the biggest empires of history

This collection has got the same strength. The use of jewels recalls the warriors, the use of strong colors recalls the magnificence of great empires, the use of branded gold insert chains and the branded gold pendant with logo of BR impart majesty. The fabrics are always precious, the use of brocade is indisputable to celebrate strength and magnificence. The prints feature the peacock, our primary symbol, and the tiger , new element in this GK collection, is used to best represent the empire.

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