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Our Story

Barbara Rizzi is the business woman dressing business women.
An entrepreneur that comes from a predominantly male industrial world.

Pushed by destiny into a role she had to play, she learned the hard way what it meant to assert your power and femininity in an alpha workplace.

Our Story

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The standout pieces of Atelier Barbara Rizzi

Unlock the essence, embrace femininity's power with Kokeshi.

Kokeshi Collection SS

Introducing Kokeshi, a captivating collection that draws inspiration from the boundless spectrum of colors and the unparalleled elegance of traditional Kokeshi good luck dolls. Start a journey through the kaleidoscope of their infinite beauty and grace.


Empowering Women Through Fashion: The Philosophy of Atelier Barbara Rizzi

Atelier Barbara Rizzi: Embracing Elegance and StrengthFounded in 2021, Atelier Barbara Rizzi is a lu...

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